Protecting AWS api keys the right way (part one).


Every now and then we ear about leaked AWS API keys causing mayhem in companies infrastructures and applications. Sometimes, if you are lucky you could get on with a substantial bill from AWS because someone has spun endless x1.32xlarge EC2 instances in your account in order to mine cryptocurrency. However, the worst scenario would be the case of someone getting hold of your AWS API keys locking yourself out the account threatening to delete all resources as EC2,RDS,EBS and asking a ransom to reinstate the access into it.

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A Kubernetes cluster up and running (locally) in less than five minutes.


Unless for the last year you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know about Kubernetes. In a nutshell Kubernetes is a sophisticated container scheduler and solid orchestrator for scalable infrastructures. To a beginner the whole Kubernetes ecosystem and terminology might appear overwhelming. However, whether you would like to give a go to Kubernetes, the team behind it has developed Minikube, a tool that makes it easy to run Kubernetes locally. In this instalment I’m going to walk you thought from setting up Minikube and run a Docker image on top of a Kubernetes cluster.

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